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There are many decisions that I needed to make before, during, and after buying my home. I’m happy that I made the decision to get the property surveyed before I bought.

Although the vendors were very friendly and easy to deal with, I did not want to rely on their memory (or their relatives’, or the neighbours’) of where the property ends. I also wanted to know for sure if the large, old maple tree near the front corner was my responsibility/liability. The survey from the previous owner was unreliable since the garage was recently constructed. Also, using an old, outdated survey would not have protected me from any changes to neighbouring properties either.

Even though the bank representative and real estate agent suggested the option of title insurance instead of a new survey, after some research I realized that I would have to pay for title insurance every time my mortgage was renewed. The cost of my survey is “one time only”, and I don’t have to worry about deductible amounts and whether or not the insurance company would help settle any disputes based on the terms in the title insurance policy.

My survey from Meldrum Surveying allowed me to know for certain where the buildings and fences are on my property, eliminating possible disputes with my neighbours. I knew that the neighbours would see where the survey stakes were, and if they had any concerns, their questions would be answered by Meldrums, not me! Also, I can use my survey plan to help me design my future landscaping projects. Knowing that the iron survey bars at my corners are in the right place means that I can keep my landscaping within my own boundaries.

I was happy to have Meldrum Surveying do my survey for me, because they were cheerfully willing to answer all my questions, they are very professional and they’ve been around a long time.

With the help of Meldrum Surveying, I have the peace of mind that I’m starting out on the right foot with my neighbours, and that my investment is protected.

Carolyn M.



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